As a lifelong student of pipes, Andrew offers lessons to those also wanting to learn. Trained by great pipers of Nova Scotia, he adheres to the lessons prescribed in the College of Piping Tutor 1 book for beginners. The Tutor 1 book is the best fundamental training in highland piping one can learn, as the foundation of piping is the regimental Scottish repertoire. For students at varying levels of skill, customized lesson plans are offered. Classes are conducted via Skype. Although I was trained in-person by great masters of piping, I have found that long distance lessons on digital video platforms such as Skype are effective.

I teach classes in very much the same style in which I received lessons.

I offer beginner level classes. A student is required to purchase the College of Piping Highland Bagpipe Tutor book 1, and a practice chanter.

Bagpipe playing is dependent on technical proficiency, so beginning and intermediate students are guided through the various techniques and methods of piping. When technical prowess and tune memorization have reached maturation, the student will then study the highland pipes themselves. This includes instrument maintenance, reeds, instrument functionality, and breathing consistency.

Advanced pipers seeking lessons will be guided through advanced technical articulation, musicality, rhythm, and exotic piping methods.

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