"blows the bagpipes into pieces and puts them back together."

- Matthew Christian, musician.

There are few pipers that can match Forbes for career experience. Although Forbes divorced himself from the regimental competitive circuit, it did not stop his love of the pipes. More interested in rock, folk, and world music, Forbes endures an odyssey of musical reinvention in the poetic traditions of America. Discovering a unique sound, mastering original techniques, Forbes began collecting credits and accolades with world-class musicians and Grammy winning producers. His experience as a professional musician covers the spectrum of applications, establishing his place as a world-class session player.

Recording, performing on stage, activism, busking in the park, teaching, sound tracking films and video games, leading ceremonies, heading a vanguard, or making an entrance, Forbes is known for his excellent consistency and powerful rhythmic mastery. With razor-sharp technique Forbes delivers traditional, contemporary, and original bagpipe music definitive in style and unparalleled in sound. Often called the "Jimi Hendrix", "Eric Clapton", and "Eddie Van Halen", of the bagpipes, he brings a musical sensibility of American rock and blues to piping. His performances spellbind audiences with musical alchemy, opening hearts and transcending limitations.

Andrew is an adventurer on the pipes with a hunger for dangerous edges. He tears it up!
— Elias Alexander (MAC, Soulsha, Bywater Band)
Forbes is a piper that paints with his sound and use of variation. Beyond mastering the instrument, he’s taken it out of the four-cornered box. He’s taken the proverbial box and smashed it to smithereens.
— Calum Pasqua, Glenfiddich Champion Fiddler


Photographer: Iain Toft

Musician: Andrew Forbes

Festival: Tartan Week Festival NYC, 2017